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Implement programme for FC CompactLine frontloader


Bucket range

For the universal use in garden and landscaping, agriculture and municipal use.

The buckets are available up to a width of 1.40 m as Skid Steer or Pin-On version.  

  • Schaufelzange

Bucket with grapple / fork with grapple

The STOLL bucket with grapple / fork with grapple is used for saving and loading of manure, compost, bushes and silage. Even the handling of light bulk freight is possible with the bucket with grapple. By means of the large opening range of the upper grip, big volumes of materials may be collected and transported easily and can be unloaded in designated doses.  

Planier- und Greifschaufel (4-in-1)

Combined levelling and grabbing bucket (4-in-1)

The combined levelling and grabbing bucket unifies 4-in-1 tool: 

1. Normal bucket 
2. Grabbing using the bucket bottom 
3. Levelling using the bucket back 
4. Unloading by opening the bucket bottom


Pallet fork

For the universal use to load pallets, in garden and landscaping, agriculture and municiple use (Skid Steer).


Grip fork

The STOLL grip fork is used for loading and saving of timber, bushes and other materials for the landscape care. The transport of trunks up to a length of 3 metres is possible with this implement. By means of the long tines of the upper grip, even bulky goods such as bushes with high volume can be easily loaded.  


Bale spike

For the transport of round- and square bales on the agricultural sector (Skid Steer).

Palettengabel mit Obergreifer

Top loading grip

The STOLL top loading grip is an accessory for the STOLL pallet fork and is used for saving and loading of trunks up to a maximum length of 3 metres. You may also use it for bushwood and pruning as well as bulky goods can be clamped with the fork tine.


Manure fork

The manure fork will be supplied with Skid Steer.

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